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All workshops and trainings are bespoke, with exercises and course content tailored specifically to the organisation’s needs. They are delivered by two facilitators in tandem, allowing for dual emphasis on interpersonal communication and organisational dynamics and to support everyone’s learning needs.


For executives and leaders


From half-day to two-day programmes, delivered both digitally and in-person, our executive workshops are built on a deep understanding individual psychology and strategic communications.


We listen carefully to your challenges and priorities, then design a bespoke workshop that will develop and motivate your team to deliver on your vision. 


Modules include:


  • Advanced communication for leaders

  • The effective executive team – collaborating, communicating, making decisions and delegating

  • Personal brand strategy

  • Authentic communication

  • Interpersonal dynamics

  • Handling difficult people and difficult conversations

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Messaging and leading

  • Leading change

  • Organisational culture

  • Reputation management

  • Risk crisis and issues management

  • Powerful public speaking and presentations – including video feedback sessions

  • Writing for thought leadership.


For workforce and teams


Built on the premise that all successful learning and development is based in personal development, our courses skill, inspire and challenge delegates to be the best version of themselves. Using a variety of methods including group discussion, facilitated exercises and interactive digital tools, we support teams to align their own goals with those of the business and commit to success.


Delivery options include Intensives for groups of 16 and under, Masterclasses for 16-50+ and our digital lunch-and-learn series for teams and divisions.


Courses include:


  • Personal effectiveness at work

  • Applicant engagement for education organisations

  • Communicating for neurodiversity

  • Effective communication at work.

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